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Arne nature reserve – RSPB Wareham

Wow! This place has completely thrown me when it comes to an incredible day out in Dorset. I thought I knew all the local hot spots when it came to Dorset and the great outdoors, but I was wrong. Hidden away amongst Poole harbour and Wareham, Arne nature reserve run by the RSPB sits like an unspoilt gem on the Purbeck coast line, ready for walkers and nature lovers (or just Jo Blogs looking for a day out) to explore and marvel at its sheer beauty.

Even the drive into the reserve has you waiting in anticipation, as you head down a long road that takes you to the main car park. A parking fee of £5 is required for those staying for more then two hours (trust me you will need over two hours to see what this place has to offer!), but of course this money contributes to the conservation of this incredible place. Alternatively you can become a member and park for free!

There is an information point at the start whereby you can choose several routes of various lengths that take you around the reserve. We had our 20 month old son in a backpack, and opted for the ‘Red route’, which was described as a 1 3/4 hour walk (one of the longer routes), allowing us to see various habitats, from woodland and heathland, to coastal areas and mudflats. I highly recommend bringing a camera, as there was plenty of opportunities to take pictures.

From the start the walk allowed us to see an incredible view of Corfe Castle, and took us through woodland whereby we saw Deer casually walking through the woodland! After approx 45 minutes of walking we came to a small enclosed beach area, where we decided to have a picnic. Lizards climbed the nearby rocks and cliffs, and apparently seals can sometimes be seen here. The view towards Brownsea Island was just incredible. During our walk we passed through mudflats, and we hid in the bird hide to see some of the birds nesting amongst the reeds! My little boy loved looking out of the windows, pointing at the birds and water.

The route finished at the main car park and visitor centre. We went for a coffee in the cafe there, which again is great, especially on a nice day whereby you can sit outside and absorb the surroundings. Everything about the place was so clean and welcoming. And to complete a perfect day out, whilst getting into the car, we saw a fox, sunbathing next to the car park! See what I mean – you just don’t get that sort of thing everyday!! Hats off to the RSPB for making this reserve such a fabulous and inspiring place to visit.




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