Days out, Wimborne

Sunday afternoons in

Sunday afternoons, a time to relax and refresh right? Wrong! As I escape within this article, chaos is upon me. The 8 year old is singing non stop, the dog is chewing the babies toys, the baby is chewing the dog toys, and my partner sits slumped in the rocking chair, looking desperate and fed up, glancing exasperated in my direction occasionally, before leaving the room entirely to escape upstairs.

Its amusing to think that some people would describe Sundays as relaxing, but for the parents of this world I’m pretty sure surviving Sundays is all that matters. Funnily my partner has returned from upstairs wearing headphones, playing rock music. It’s all about survival.

So what else is there to do on dark Sunday afternoons in the middle of winter? Scrabble. No, the baby wouldn’t enjoy that, and neither would the intellect seeking other half. Another walk? Nope, the one this morning involving the baby screaming the woods down was more than enough to put anyone off achieving their 2000 step count! And nobody appears to be able to agree on a film to watch – fluffy puppies in Christmas hats is definitely not appealing to my sit on the couch nature (not that I get chance to ever sit and watch anything anyway!).

Pub?! Yes, the pub. Christmas drinks for the adults and dinner for the children (we can have the microwave curries later!). Wimborne has some great pubs, and a new one I recently came across is ‘The man in the wall’, which is a Weatherspoons (cheap then), and yet it seems a bit more classy then some of the others (depending on the time of day you visit). I ordered in the mulled cider, whilst the children had a Christmas dinner to share. The food was really good, the service was great, and they provide crayons (because it really isn’t that difficult for those that don’t!).

Topping it off, we had a quick stroll into Wimborne square afterwards, and were greeted with Christmas lights and chiming bells from the minster. For the first time during the month of December I finally felt festive and excited about Christmas! Will I go again the next time I’m climbing the walls on a Sunday afternoon – abso****inglutely!



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